Print Exemplo 2014 Ford Focus ST Hatchback
Marca FORD
Modelo Focus
Tipo de Veículo hatchback
Descrição Compact cars have evolved greatly since the grim old days of "econoboxes," and the 2014 Ford Focus is as good a case study as any. It's attractive, fun to drive, well-equipped, and affordable--and it's eliminated pretty much all of the grim and noisy downsides of smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. We even named the current Focus our 2012 Best Car To Buy in its first year on the market.The Focus ST, its hot-rod sibling, is not only a blast behind the wheel but competes surprisingly well with European hot hatches and is one of the high-performance bargains in the market.
Ano de Emissão 2014
Condição Novo
Tipo de listagem Para Aluguer
Status de listagem Ativo
Preço 15 USD
Tipo de preço Fixo
Contatos +1(212)7788999